Position #9 – Engineering Science doctoral research (all)

Host institution
DE - Technische Universität München
Others – Engineering, Technology
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
From 6 months

In the framework of EM-EASED, it is possible to apply for a position at any research group of Technische Universität München which is engaged in Energy related research; however, the unit must be specified. Since prior to the selection process, the respective supervisor (professor) will have to accept the candidate and his or her research plan, it is strongly advisable to discuss this project at an early stage with the potential host.

Technische Universität München is one of the top universities in Germany in the field of engineering and natural sciences and is committed to innovative progress in those fields of science that promise sustainable improvements in the ways people live and live together. Out of its sense of responsibility for future generations, it has established interdisciplinary research areas in the fields of Energy & Natural Resources, Environment & Climate and Mobility & Infrastructure, amongst others.

There are several ways to identify your potential host:

Most Energy related research is coordinated through TUM.Energy (www.tum-energy.mse.tum.de) within the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) and its
Center for Power Generation (www.powergen.mse.tum.de) Network for Renewable Energy (www.nrg.mse.tum.de)
Science Center for Electromobility (www.wze.mse.tum.de)
Center for Sustainable Building (www.enpb.mse.tum.de)

The following departments contribute most to energy related research at TUM and provide lists institutes and research groups
Mechanical Engineering (www.mw.tum.de)
Chemistry (www.ch.tum.de)
Electrical Engineering (www.ei.tum.de)
Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering(www.bgu.tum.de)
Architecture (www.ar.tum.de) A full list of departments is provided at: www.tum.de

Several research groups have already indicated interest in hosting researchers through EM EASED:
Prof. Hamacher, Energy Economy and Application Technology www.ewk.ei.tum.de
Prof. Sattelmayer, Thermodynamics www.td.mw.tum.de
Prof. Polifke, Thermodynamics www.td.mw.tum.de
Prof. Bottasso, Wind Energy www.wind.mw.tum.de
Prof. Gasteiger, Electrochemistry www.tec.ch.tum.de Institute of Flight Propulsion www.lfa.mw.tum.de
Dr. Cheng, Energy Efficient and Smart Cities www.evb.mse.tum.de

Please also contact Dr. von Feilitzsch (Feilitzsch@mw.tum.de, tel: TUM‐15006) for further information on potential hosts or program details.

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
Till von Feilitzsch <Feilitzsch@mw.tum.de>