Position #74 – Structural Health Monitoring(SHM) and Nondestructive Testing(NDT)

Host institution
KR - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (카이스트)
Lab or research department name
Smart Structures & System of Civil & Environmental Eng
Others – Engineering, Technology
Sub-domain or keywords
SHM, NDT, Noncontact laser ultrasonic, Pattern recognition, Signal processing
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
From 6 to 10 months

Our group has focused on SHM/NDT of civil, aerospace and mechanical structures. In particular, we have developed noncontact laser ultrasonic excitation and sensing techniques for structural damage detection. The main advantages of the laser ultrasonic technique are that (1) fully noncontact inspection can be achieved; (2) damage can be visualized due to high spatial and temporal resolutions; (3) it can be applicable to structures under moving conditions or extreme environments such as high temperature and radioactive conditions; and (4) damage can be evaluated without comparing with the baseline data previously collected from the pristine condition of a target structure, named as “reference-free damage diagnosis”. These merits enable to improve the applicability to in-service real structures. Our team is now trying to develop more advanced laser ultrasonic techniques and apply to various real structures such as wind turbine, high speed train, airplane, bridge, semiconductor and etc.

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
Well conversation capability in English. Structural dynamics/Ultrasonic wave theory, Signal processing using computer programs such as Matlab, Labview, C and etc.
Hoon Sohn <hoonsohn@kaist.ac.kr>