Position #52 – Energy conversion devices, organic photovoltaic cells

Host institution
KR - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (카이스트)
Lab or research department name
Advanced Devices for Energy Conversion (ADEC) Lab
Others – Engineering, Technology
Sub-domain or keywords
Organic photovoltaic cells, flexible optoelectronic devices, novel transparent conductors
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
From 6 months

As the demand for alternative energy source has increased, solar energy is attracting great attention over the world. Especially, thin-film solar cells such as organic photovoltaics (OPVs) are being considered as promising next-generation energy conversion devices due to their low-cost, flexible and light weight characteristics. We focus on increasing their power conversion efficiency (PCE) and opening the bright future with eco-friendly renewable energy.

A transparent conductive electrode (TCE) is essential for efficient optoelectronic devices including solar cells and light emitting devices. We investigate the novel transparent conductors such as silver nanowire meshes and Graphene to replace ITO. Flexible and highly efficient energy conversion devices will come true through these efforts.

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
English Requirement, Lab Experience and etc.)
1. Deep understanding in optics, electromagnetic theory, nanophotonics, solid state physics, etc.

2. Experience with fabrication of nanostructures, nanomaterials, etc.

3. Experience with fabrication of photovoltaic cells (organic or inorganic cells).
Jung-Yong Lee <jungyong.lee@kaist.ac.kr>