Position #212 – Center for Flexible and Thin Thermal Superconductors

Host institution
KR - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (카이스트)
Lab or research department name
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Sub-domain or keywords
Heat Transfer, Electronic Cooling, (Pulsating) Heat Pipe, Heat Sink, Boiling, Impinging Jet
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
From 6 to 10 months

Applied Heat Transfer (AHT) Lab treats various research areas including the heat transfer, fluid dynamics, energy, and nano- or micro- heat transfer, etc. Recently, we are selected as National Creative Research Initiatives (NCRI) under the Ministry of science, ICT and future planning. Under the name of ‘Center for flexible and thin thermal superconductors’, we are conducting research on Pulsating Heat Pipe (PHP). In addition, with the experience of various heat transfer studies and projects, we have accumulated the nation’s highest level of know-how for cooling technology of electronic devices. Active participation in national and international conferences helps us gain background knowledge and experience in the academic field. Not only research activities, group activities such as soccer, basketball, and baseball help us to release daily stresses and promotes active and encouraging environment.

Research area

  • Electronic device cooling
    – Numerical analysis
    – Centrifugal & Piezoelectric heat sink
    – Jet impingement cooling
  • Sensing device
    – Diode Temperature Sensor Array (DTSA)
    – Various flow meters & pressure sensor
    – Scanning flow-impedence microscope
  • Energy conversion
    – Reverse electro-dialysis

Seven Ph.D. candidates and six M.S. candidates

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
- Language : English or Korean
- Research experience in heat transfer
- Interest in convective heat transfer, phase change heat transfer
- Programming skill may help for better co-work (MATLAB, C++, etc.)
- People who are ready to experience a new culture and language
Sung Jin Kim <sungjinkim@kaist.ac.kr>