Position #193 – Reconfigurable Media Coding (RMC) for Green Multimedia

Host institution
ES - Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Lab or research department name
Research Center on Software Technologies and Multimedia Systems for Sustainability (CITSEM)
Others – Engineering, Technology
Sub-domain or keywords
multicore embedded systems, energy-aware decoder reconfiguration, energy estimation, just-in-time decoder engines, energy-centric scheduling, battery-lifetime guarantees
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
6-12 months

We are now in a mobile era where multimedia applications are pervasive on battery-powered portable devices such as smart phones, mobile TVs and tablets. Motivated by the fast increase in multimedia contents consumption, many multimedia coding standards have been continuously developed for different application scenarios. Although a tremendous bandwidth reduction has been achieved, the coding standards have failed to similarly reduce the energy consumption. Instead there has been a continuous increase in power consumption which highlights the fact that energy in mobile systems has become a limited resource as important as CPU, memory or bandwidth. Reconfigurable Media Coding (RMC) provides a framework to efficiently support multiple codec specifications and, consequently, to open the opportunity to implement on-line codec reconfigurations.

The aim of this position is to address the energy consumption issue from the RMC framework perspective to build the foundations of Green (Energy-aware) Multimedia. The candidate will address two challenges: the analysis and implementation of reconfigurable decoders and the design of energy-aware reconfiguration metrics that will be tested in smart-phone-like platforms.

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
Fluent English is a must. Experience in embedded systems design; good interpersonal skills to interrelate with other members of the team
Eduardo Juarez <eduardo.juarez@upm.es>