Position #161 – Functional organic chemistry

Host institution
JP - Okayama University (岡山大学)
Lab or research department name
Graduate School of Natural Science
Sub-domain or keywords
Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
From 6 months

Development of Synthetic Organic Reactions Catalyzed by Organometallic Complexes and the Application to Functional Materials.By using transition metal catalysts, we can develop the organometallic reagents and the organometallic complexes which show the reactivities and selectivities different than ones in classical methods. We can also control the reactivities of the reagents and the catalysts precisely by tuning the ligands (organic compounds) on the metals. We are pursuing the development of the new carbon-carbon bond formation reactions which become a basis for synthetic organic reactions by talking advantage of the characteristics of the organometallics complexes which consist of the metals and the organic compounds. We are also interested in the development of the environmentally friendly reactions for "Green Chemistry" which is one of the most important tasks for chemists in the 21th century.

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
Doctoral candidates are invited to propose a research topic and select a host, which are related to their proposed doctoral research. For inquiries and laboratory introductions please contact the address below.
Pr. Nishiha <ynishiha@okayama-u.ac.jp>