Position #158 – Organelle Systems Biotechnology Lab

Host institution
JP - Okayama University (岡山大学)
Lab or research department name
Graduate School of Natural Science
Microbiology, Biotechnology
Sub-domain or keywords
Organelle Systems Biotechnology
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
From 6 months

An organelle is a specialized compartment within a cell that has a specific function, and is usually enclosed separately within its own lipid bilayer. When cellular activities occur, various materials are transported among organelles. Our aim is to uncover the regulatory mechanism of this material transport and to study organelle biogenesis. We also seek to establish cellular systems that can be useful for the development of medicines and cosmetics. The research in our lab involves an in-depth exposure to the wide range of methodological approaches used in contemporary biology, from fundamental molecular/cellular biological techniques to advanced cellular imaging.

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
Doctoral candidates are invited to propose a research topic and select a host, which are related to their proposed doctoral research. For inquiries and laboratory introductions please contact the address below.
Pr. Ayano <ayano113@cc.okayama-u.ac.jp>