Position #139 – Thermal Nanosciences

Host institution
FR - CentraleSupélec
Lab or research department name
Mechanical Engineering
Sub-domain or keywords
Thermal Nanosciences, Near-Field radiation
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
From 1 to 3 months

Scientific SoA: Near-Field radiation is an emerging field targeting the understanding and the monitoring of the energy existing at surfaces and interfaces of polar materials or metals. This energy can be manipulated by microstructuration as is the visible electromagnetic field by photonic crystals, and also radiated in the far field through diffraction.
The teams: This community has started ten years ago with seminal works (Nature, 416, 61–64, 2002) performed in the EM2C lab and is now rapidly growing. The Thermal Nanosciences Team and the Nanoscale Heat Transfer Laboratory have developed strong expertises in this area. Dr. Volz has pioneered the field in the team of Pr. Greffet

Relevance to Energy: i) improving the thermal management of nano-microelectronics devices: consumer electronics and computer equipments now represent 15% of global residential electricity consumption and the energy used by these devices is expected to triple by 2030, ii) heat/photon/electron energy conversion: the production of photons with well defined wavelength and direction allows for an efficient electron-pair production in photovoltaics.

Scientific Project:
While most of the current studies are estimating near field radiation in nanogaps or are designing surface emission, we aim at controlling –directionally, spectrally and in intensity- the heat flux along the surface to produce local modification of properties. This requires the numerical design and the fabrication of photonic crystal-like structures for the Infra-Red EM energy and the spectral measurements in reflection and emission.

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
Sebastian Volz <sebastian.volz@ecp.fr>