Position #120 – Engineering Science doctoral research (all)

Host institution
KR - Pusan National University (부산대학교)
Lab or research department name
The School of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Sub-domain or keywords
Fuel cell, Wind energy, Pulverized coal combustion and Gasification, Multi-physics and Multi-scale analysis of Thermo-fluid phenomena, Heat recirculation for energy saving and Gas turbine.
Type of mobility
Duration (months)
From 6 to 12 months

Below is a list of available laboratories with open subjects :

Next MEMS Lab (http://www.nextmems.kr) with Pr. Go, Jeung Sang
Multiscale and Multiphysics Measurements Lab. (http://fluid.pusan.ac.kr) with Pr. Kim, Kyung Chun

Advanced Power Source Lab (http://fuelcell.pusan.ac.kr) with Pr. Kim, Yong Tae
Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab. (http://cfd.pusan.ac.kr) with Pr. Park, Warn Gyu
Gas Turbine Lab (http://gasturbine.pusan.ac.kr) with Pr. Son, Chang Min
Power Generation System Lab. (http://powerlab.pusan.ac.kr) with Pr. Song, Juhun

Nanoparticle Technology Lab (http://home.pusan.ac.kr/~mnht) with Pr. Lee, Dong Keun
Renewable Energy Fluid Mechanics Lab. (http://http://home.pusan.ac.kr/~rfm/) with Pr. Lim, Hee Chang
Energy Conversion System Lab. (http://www.pnuecos.org) with Pr. Jeon, Choong Hwan
Refrigeration System & Thermo-Fluid Lab. (http://rtl.pusan.ac.kr) with Pr. Jeong, Ji Hwan
Clean Energy Lab. (http://www.pnuenergy.com) with Pr. Choi, Gyung Min
Large Scale Computational Thermo-fluid Dynamics Lab. (http://cfd1.me.pusan.ac.kr) with Pr. Ha, Man Yeong

From January 2016
Maximum available positions
Doctoral candidates are invited to propose a research topic and select a host, which are related to their proposed doctoral research. For inquiries and laboratory introductions please contact the address below.
Pr. Gyung Min Choi <choigm@pusan.ac.kr>